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Through these challenging times, we need to do all we can to maintain our physical and mental health, keep our bodies and immune systems strong and deal with our daily stress.

To help,  I am offering a FREE 14 Day Free Trial – join me for daily live classes.

These classes are all live-streamed every day to my website and members Facebook group.

Whether you are a complete beginner, a seasoned athlete, a senior or a junior, there’s something there for you.

So please get involved – join now!


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Fitness, Simplified

All of my online personal training clients receive a bespoke personal training programme.

Each programme is tailored for you, your body and your goals. Just imagine…

  • Not having to worry about deciding what workouts you should be doing ever again
  • All the guesswork taken away from both your diet and your training regime
  • Taking control of your body and getting in the best shape of your life
  • The opportunity to learn a plethora of training styles, personal training knowledge and nutritional information


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About Anna

Hi, I’m Anna!

I’m a Level 4 Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Weight Management Coach. I am passionate about helping people discover a completely unique way of getting results, learning new skills and achieving small and big wins. I ensure that your focus is not on aesthetic goals and punishing workout schedules, but instead on establishing a new lifestyle that is sustainable, achievable and realistic.

I have developed my methods through many years of experience, constantly experimenting with new ways to get the best results.

My signature bodyweight workouts build strength, fitness, power, endurance, mobility and flexibility. My approach to exercise, alongside a healthy, nutritious diet and a strong, positive mindset, are the key ingredients in the successful pursuit of fitness and body confidence.

Training in any particular fashion just because it’s a current fad is not for me and it’s not how I want you to feel. Being happy and enjoying the process of getting and being fit is so much more important.

Looking Good Naked

“I want to be skinny, can you help me?” This was a genuine question I was asked.

Firstly – I wanted to find out more “Why do you want to be skinny? Do you want to look terrible naked? But great in clothes? Do you want to have poor health and no muscle tone?” The answer thankfully was a clear “No” Phew! This client actually wanted to look hot naked and hot in clothes! Now I could help…But firstly lose the phrase skinny, definitely not cool!

The thing is with exercise…people need to understand that it is not a weight loss tool. You will not lose weight with exercise if you consume more calories than you burn. If you start an exercise programme with the view to lose weight and don’t change your current diet, you will have a long way to go unless you really up your game and dedicate a serious amount of time in your weekly schedule for exercise. You’re taking the harder route to looking good naked!

You need to know what your calorie deficit should be for you, based on your current exercise and non-exercise activity. You need to know how much time you have to exercise each week as this makes a difference to the programme I would give you.

Once you have this magic number then you are well on your way to looking hot – clothes or no clothes! Want to know your magic number? Click below.


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Train with me every day with my bespoke personal programmes or choose from my ‘Workouts on Demand’

Whichever way, I will guide you through the process of getting and staying fit and ensure you have fun doing it!


Taking the BS out of dieting with simple guidance that I promise will get you results – no fad diets required!

  • Learn how to eat according to your own body
  • Meal plans including simple, delicious, quick recipes using minimal ingredients
  • Shopping lists, advice and guidance whenever you need it
  • Providing you with the tools to calculate the calories and macros that are right for you, your body and your goals


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The Personal Touch

A question you may be asking yourself is whether an online personal trainer can give you everything that a face-to-face one can. An obvious assumption is that it would be hard for an online trainer to give you the same level of accountability and the same level of support and motivation.

I would argue that while there are differences for sure, most of what can be achieved face-to-face can be achieved remotely, and in some ways more. Vitally, the training has to be ‘personal’, it has to be geared around you and your goals and needs. If not, it’s not ‘personal training’ is it? I make it ‘personal’ firstly by ensuring that the training programme I give you is always specific to you. I select the workouts for you based on what you ‘personally’ are looking to achieve. And secondly, I do provide a large amount of remote personal support and accountability.

You can message or email me anytime. Every week I hold a live interactive video ‘Q&A’ session for all my online clients via Facebook where we chat, I answer your questions and give advice and support. I run live fitness classes for my clients, streamed over Facebook. My online PT clients have a private Facebook group where again you can interact personally with me and with each other too. Many of my clients gain support and advice from the other members of the group. All clients have access to weekly check-ins, advice and support when they need it as well as access to challenges and competitions. Interact with other members, make friends, build a support network and be confident to share your successes, worries and failures when you need a kick up the backside!  I also make regular posts on social media – mainly Instagram and Facebook and you can, of course, chat with me there too.