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My goal is to put an end to peoples yo-yo dieting. I want people to be able to live their lives while enjoying their lives without over restriction. It’s about making choices not sacrifices.

I run ongoing programmes – these range from 4, 6, 8, 10 or even 12 week programmes before we take a short (1 week) deload the next programme begins.

All my programmes provide full length workouts that you do with me, usually 2 or 3 workouts each day to choose from, which range between 10 and 25 minutes – therefore some people can workout for an hour a day and others may choose to do a short 10 or 20 minute session. The workouts I do for these programmes, is all I do, I don’t go off and do my own thing, what you see is how I train and you get to do that with me.

Although each of my programmes are always completely different, no workout is ever the same so you never get bored, that said there is a lot of time that goes into my programming to ensure that you are not just doing random workouts – you are following a carefully devised plan to ensure maximum results.

I want to also discuss copying someone else to get their results….

It can be tempting to mimic another person’s workout when they look great. But just because someone looks fit doesn’t necessarily mean they know what they’re doing. Even if you do the same workout, your fitness mileage may vary.

Genetics plays a role, too.

Although it might be helpful to be inspired by someone else’s workout programme and healthy eating choices, it can also cause confusion surrounding diet and nutrition. If you tried to copy what works for me, it might not work for you, and that is because I don’t share the same activity level or lifestyle as you do. I may walk 10-20k steps a day outside of my workouts – you might do just 5k. You might also eat out and drink more alcohol than I…..

With exercise, it is important to do what you enjoy and what is sustainable for you.

Personally, when I see posts of people’s training programmes and pics on social media in gyms at the squat racks….

…….which look something like this

– 3×6 Back Squat, 5×8 RDL, 5X8 Chest Press

then PB’s woohoo etc etc

I don’t get it myself.

Nothing against them – if that’s what they enjoy and gets them the results they want then great, but it’s not for me and neither does it get me the results I want.

For me, it’s about feeling strong, fit, powerful and of course looking good too.

I achieve this through my own style of training with specific movements and routines that I created that work on my flexibility, balance, mobility and building muscle tone and definition and a sense of empowerment to take on the world.

A lot of fitness and nutrition is about trial and error to understand what works for you and what your body needs and how it reacts to different food and training regimes.

Here are some top tips for you.

There is no such thing as ‘the best’ kind of workout or ‘the best’ exercise. The best workout/exercises are those which you enjoy and can stick to consistently to see lasting change

99% (educated guess) of fitness influencers you follow on social media are not qualified personal trainers and most importantly those that are qualified are not qualified to give nutrition advice beyond the very basics.

Please be wary of this when entering into online programmes that also provide ‘diet plans’.

Motivation isn’t linear. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a few off days or weeks. Just pick back up from where you left off when you’re ready to get back to it.

Just because certain training methods may work for some does not mean they are the only way to work out. We are all very different shapes and sizes and so simply following ‘x’ workout will not necessarily provide you with the same results as said person

Try to avoid exercising out of guilt or to ‘burn off’ foods. This is a dangerous mindset to fall into
Don’t allow yourself to be fat-shamed, punished or made to feel anything other than empowered by your personal trainer.

It is our job to coach you to improve, not to feel worse, so if your trainer isn’t doing that, perhaps try looking around to see if someone can serve you better.

If you decide to work with me, I advise you on the programme and nutrition to follow which is aligned to your goals

We are all different in the style, duration, type and time that works for us with regards to our training and I design workouts based on your goals and body type.

With me, you have peace of mind that I am a qualified personal trainer with extensive experience and knowledge and you will get results and achieve your goals.

Like what you hear? Join me.

Anna x