Regain Control Of Your Body – 40 & Beyond!

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Regain Control Of Your Body

You control more than 70 % of your health and ageing process by the decisions you make today.

Only 30% of how you age is determined by your genetics – so it’s time to stop blaming the genes. You have the control over both today and much of your future. 

No matter what your age or your ability level, you were designed to move, and it’s never too late to start. 

Your route to success is through smart nutrition choices, movement and believing that you are in control of your ageing.

As we turn 40 and beyond – now is the time to maximise your performance and fitness, whether this means simply walking a little more or getting stuck into a strength programme. 

I have no greater joy than seeing my clients achieve what they thought was impossible. I see their whole perspective of their future change for the better by becoming slimmer, stronger, fitter, flexible and most importantly their minds coming to believe they can control their health and their bodies with the decisions they make each day. 

I have been helping people lose weight for many years and I have learned that no amount of education, support and guidance will motivate people to make real change in their lives and their health. People make changes only when they decide they are worth it (or in some cases when a health issue arises).

Your decision to take control is not likely to happen because it is important to your partner, your friends, your family, it will happen because you decide that YOU ARE IMPORTANT enough to invest the time daily in the decisions that will change your life. 

Often something will click and you have a sudden urge to make a change happen.  Your focus becomes clear when you realise that smart choices in nutrition and being more mobile could change your life. 

I want to share with you below some happy stories that leave me smiling on the inside and out. 

In Carol’s (63) own words 

What I’ve been waiting for! For what seems ages, final 2lb done to reach 4 stone marker thanks to Anna, her straight talking and honesty and this group for their encouragement on my off days/weeks. I have purchased a new swimming costume 5 sizes smaller than my previous one, thank you all so much xxx 

In Luisa’s (51) own words

I’ve lost 11kg since the beginning of my journey with Anna Cousins in June, but I’ve gained so much: confidence, a new body, strength, a new outlook to fitness, a new determination and consistency that I didn’t have before. I’ve been slim before, but never so fit and shapely, I actually catch myself looking at my legs and arms when I workout and I like looking at the muscles moving and their definition, I just wish I did it when I was younger, but hey better late than never. My food choices have been so much better and my goal was that I wanted to exercise 5 times a week and did that too and I am planning on continuing, I want this to be my new normal, I wanted to get stronger, and that I definitely am, I have muscles now! Lol. My biggest goal was to be able to do a press up, just a couple of months ago, Anna had to give me modifications for all exercises on my hands as still painful and without strength from surgery, I am amazed that in such a short time I now can do them all, like shoulder taps, planks…. my press up is still not perfect and over a week ago I started having a really bad pain on my shoulder so haven’t been able to practice and progress as much as I wanted but looking back at the video from week 1 to the last week’s  one, I am amazed at the progress and I will keep going until I master them. Thank you Anna for everything and thank you all ladies in this group for your support and for welcoming my husband Scott Hall as well, I am very lucky that he decided to join me and support me.

Join my “Weight Loss For 40 & Beyond” nutrition and daily movement programme.

If you are reading this then you are at least thinking about what it means to be stronger and leaner.  You are thinking about what it would mean to have more energy, a better mood and new love for life by regaining control of your body and your mind. You want to have the energy put back into your life to do the things you want and to wear clothes you never thought at your age you could. And the key is through smart nutrition choices and moving more. 

Excuses are common and are the biggest reason people don’t start in the first place. I understand too well the barriers that can make it harder, whether that is family obligations, financial restraints, work restraints etc. 

Whenever I ask someone what they think is the key to ageing well and losing weight?

The answer is always the same….

Exercise and eating a healthy diet. 

You see – you actually know the answer, yet so many will find excuses not to do it. It is often those that find excuses that are the ones most desperate to achieve a lean physique. 

It baffles me that people see exercise as a nice to have” not as a necessity in life.

It baffles me that people dont take it seriously until they become ill.

More than 50% of my PT clients started with me because of a health scare which shocked them into realising how important exercise really is.

The excuses are endless for the healthy people but that soon changes – those excuses suddenly vanish and it becomes priority number 1 – they want to be around to see their kids and grandkids grow old.

Now, like I said earlier, I realise that some people have situations that they cannot help

However, making excuses will not fix your problems either.

If you want to stop living day by day treating your health like a lottery ticket – and take control of your exercise and diet situation, you’ll have to start finding a way to change things for the better.

So, stop finding excuses and start realising how you can change your life

Start believing in yourself and start treating your health as a priority.

Unless you take time to invest in active and healthy ageing now, you will likely be forced to take the time to deal with illness in the future.

If you are over 40 and are fit and regularly exercise I can help you become stronger, leaner and improve your performance.

If you are a couch potato and live a sedentary life where exercise is just not something that factors in your life I can help you lose weight and fall in love with moving your body and how that makes you feel. 

For many people the forties are “prime time” both physically and mentally. You can be as physically strong as you ever were. I am 41 and feel I am currently in the best shape of my life and this time for me, this decade is the vital decade that makes or breaks the next 30 years of your life. 

By joining me you will reduce your body fat % through smart nutrition choices, balance your hormones, generally feel great, full of energy, improvement in your mood, mental health, improved aesthetic appearance and body confidence as well as an amazing community of people in the same situation as you and that support is priceless.

Here are a few key points for you to address.

Your weightI have always feared the scales – but I have come to realise – now is the time to start using them. After all it is just a number and should be used as a base for how you actually feel. So many of us think of a number in our heads that we want the scales to say, or someone we compare ourselves with and we want that number to be the reading when we jump on the scales. But we are all different and that number will look different on everyone. Just remember it’s just a number, jump on, record the number so you know your starting point and where you need to go. 

Measure your waist! If your waist grows this is often either a sign of general weight gain or hormone imbalance. 

Movement – whether you are maximising your current fitness to improve your performance or just starting out from nothing, your body is designed to move. It craves mobility and will respond to a challenge. 

Heart health – the less you move, the less fit you are, the harder your heart has to work to circulate the same volume of blood. Without exercise – your heart gets weaker and is less able to pump blood with each beat. 

Blood pressure – your blood pressure is determined by the strength of each heart contraction; the pressure from your blood vessels and the amount of fluid in your body. When your blood pressure is high, your heart has to do a lot more work to push the same volume of blood into your body, it then grows larger and weaker. Managing stress, limiting salt intake and keeping your heart efficient by committing to high intensity activity will help to reduce your blood pressure. 

Joint pain, back pain and bad knees – this is something that is so common and also a great excuse to get out of exercising. But now is the time to lose the weight – every extra lb you carry means 7-10lbs or extra pressure on all your weight bearing joints. Wow that is a lot of pressure for just 1lb of fat! 

Bone density – this is something you should check when you are in your fifties – bone density and vitamin D levels – weak bones are silent and hidden – it is not until you break one and then it can be too late.