Secrets To A Peachy Bum!

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A shapely, lifted butt looks amazing, and as a bonus, helps to support our lower back! It’s a win-win if you want to look good and receive benefits at the same time.As you can see on my website, I have many workouts that target the butt one way or another. And I wanted to make this your go-to place on how to get started towards working your butt off for an amazing booty! Which is why I put tighter the ‘Pert Bum’ Series of workouts – there are 5 in total and are found here – Pert Bum Series .

Here are some other tips for you when working out on your own or in a class environment.

Focus on the right way to train your butt. For us women, we have to workout a little differently than men in order to truly build a nice behind. That’s because our bones are built differently, and we have wider hips. So instead of letting this be a problem, we can learn to use it to our advantage and help us to train smarter. All of the work we put in will be more effective once we know the proper way to train!

  • Commit to the Right Program: Are you not getting the results you want from your current training? Maybe you’re doing some of the right exercises, yet you don’t have the right program to keep you working towards your booty goal? Then I recommend you follow my workout schedules and the pert bum series that target developing strong, round glutes. You’ll also be working your core and upper body.
  • Change the Way You Lunge: When you lunge, switch from keeping your body upright and lean forward with your back straight. Bring your hands (or weights) all the way to the ground and push off of the front heel as go into a backward lunge.
  • Do Unilateral Exercises: These are the challenging cousins of lower body staples such as squats, lunges and deadlifts (which are still good). They’re more effective for the butt because they target even more muscles, burning off more calories and making you stronger at the same time.
  • Take the Stairs: One of the best bodyweight exercises for shaping up your butt is a step up on a chair. Walking up the stairs will give you the same benefits so make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to take the stairs, instead of an elevator.
  • Use the Kettlebell: Great tool for shaping up your entire body- especially your butt! I believe every woman should have one at home. The heavy weight ones especially will be a miracle for your behind. I have a whole Kettle Bell Series of workouts – get in the zone!
  • Train Even on Lazy Days: If you’re having a slow, lazy day, but still want to work the booty, try this workout for lazy days – Glutes 7 minutes workout 
  • Expand Your Library: No, I don’t mean books! I mean your library of exercises. If you need to expand your range and kick that butt in even more ways beyond just squats and lunges, then check my zones. Try my Peach Band workouts for a killer glute burn, and get ready to shift your training into overdrive! Your butt will thank you later.
  • Consistency is Key: It doesn’t matter if you workout at with me in my zones or in a routine of your own. You will not see any progress unless you stay consistent with your training. In order to get a great booty, you need to work it multiple times a week. The more often you train your glutes, the better the results will be as they start to grow both in size and in strength.

And there you have it! If you follow all of these recommendations, you’re guaranteed to build that nice, shapely butt you desire. Just have the right kind of training, equipment and consistency, coupled with a healthy diet, and you will see results.