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Currently working on a testimonial page to share with you, but in the meantime, I want to share some feedback with you form my current clients. Testimonials were something I never focused on until recently – I was more focused on making my clients happy and body confident and that is still the case. So I was never concerned with taking photos before and after but I do realise that it does motivate others so I am now starting to encourage it.

Rune Stenderup

In the first month that Rune started my weight loss programme, he lost 5kg!

“My weight loss was boosted a lot when I started on your program and I got my food under control. (as much as I can get it under control anyway). I still have some way to go as I wish to get rid of the last of the stubborn fat that’s hiding my abs, but I suspect that it will take some time. This is the first time a member of the public has actually seen me without a shirt on in several years! The confidence is back!  The two pictures are after my first workout (107Kg) and after the last time I worked out (this morning – 73.4Kg) Thank you Anna – Keep changing people’s lives as you have helped me change mine!”

Rune is now 4 months in and looking amazing and such great results. Well done!

Jo Grinstead

Jo started my Postnatal Plan 7 weeks post-C-Section and lost an impressive 3 stone in 6 months. Jo was sensible with her workouts and adopted a healthy sustainable lifestyle. It was important for her to be able to enjoy time with her family and be able to enjoy good food while getting her confidence back. Jo now sticks to my monthly workout schedules and meal plans bespoke for her and her goals.

Caroline Walsh

I followed the weight loss nutrition plan initially and lost a stone in 8 weeks even though I didn’t stick to it religiously as had a holiday in the middle. Exercise wise I followed the ‘Stretch and Tone’ workouts, as I found they are a perfect mix of Pilates and Yoga. It feels like you are getting a great workout but really improving flexibility and toning up. I also followed the ‘Lower Back Series’ of workouts and that really helped ease my back pain to the point I don’t now have any pain at all, sleeping was always a problem and used to really struggle to lift anything, sometimes simple tasks like walking were a struggle. I am so pleased I found Anna when I did as I was feeling very depressed about how I looked and really believed that I couldn’t exercise because of my back. It has actually changed my life in so many ways. Anna is amazing and really supports you and always happy to put new workouts specific to your needs, onto the website when requested.

Tasha Garrod 

I have been following Anna’s workouts for over 3 years now and I love it, I can’t imagine not being able to do a workout with Anna. I probably do around 4-5 workouts a week alongside a little running too. Usually a ‘Stretch and Tone’ session, a couple of weights or kettlebell workouts and some HIIT sessions. I love the variety of the workouts, always doing something different keeps my muscles guessing and I usually don’t get through a week without feeling DOMS – I actually enjoy that feeling! I would highly recommend using Anna’s website, the workouts are all very well instructed and Anna has mastered the way of making you feel like she is in your living room with you, which really motivates and helps to ensure you concentrate on getting the right technique. I recently requested a specific workout on hip flexor stretching – the next time I logged in, it was there! Such an invaluable service in my opinion, one I wouldn’t be without.

Zoe Armes

I initially followed the Busy Life Plan as I didn’t have time to commit to exercise but wanted to do something, so doing 5 or 10 minutes a day worked perfectly for me. Within 3 weeks I was hooked! I started introducing some of the other longer on-demand workouts – there are so many to choose from. I have fallen in love with working out and cannot imagine not doing it now. I always made excuses that I didn’t have the energy or the time but soon realised that if it is important, you will find the time. Thanks to Anna I lost my post-baby tummy that I still had when my son was 22 months, I toned up and now feel full of energy. These photos were taken 16 weeks apart so some might say that was a long time, but I didn’t really change my diet that much – I started doing a food diary and that physiologically changed the way I ate which was ground-breaking for me. I did exercise for a maximum of 10 minutes on 4 days of the week and did 2 longer sessions of around 30-40 minutes and 1 all-important rest day.

Karl Parfitt 

Having followed much the same exercise routine for several months and struggling to maintain my enthusiasm for it, having not seen a noticeable improvement, I was looking for fresh ideas and the inspiration to re-invigorate my approach. I also wanted to make my training more efficient and effective, as, with the demands of work and family, time is always at a premium. I joined Anna in June 2016 and subsequently completed training sessions online and personally with Anna. I found the sessions challenging, enjoyable and effective; they worked my whole body, at a high intensity and could be squeezed into 20 minutes or expanded to a full hour. I still run, cycle and swim regularly, but also do two or three of the short workouts – 5 to 20 minutes. I’ve been following the Anna’s sessions since July. I find it a much easier way to motivate myself to exercise than going to the gym. While challenging, I really enjoy the sessions and feel I’ve really achieved something at the end of every one. My energy levels are up and I’ve also noticed a change in my body shape which is always a bonus!  Indeed, the nutritional advice and guidance have been key to my results – the benefits are immense; I am fitter, faster and leaner! Indeed I am in as good shape as I was ten years ago.

Henri Shone

I’ve been following Anna’s workouts for over 2yrs. I find it a much easier way to motivate myself to exercise than going to the gym. While challenging, I really enjoy the sessions and feel I’ve really achieved something at the end of every one. My energy levels are up and I’ve also noticed a change in my body shape which is always a bonus!

Kate Rudd

I have suffered with back problems for 3 years and have found nothing that has helped me until I came to Anna. Having started with the low impact session plans I noticed that after just 3 weeks I was sleeping better and my back pain has completely disappeared. I know this is down to the unique combination of flexibility, core strength and posture improvements gained through Anna’s session plans – it has changed my life. I love Anna’s outlook on fitness and nutrition; it’s simple yet effective in so many ways.

27/08/20 – 30/01/21